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Dr. Larry C. Battles, D. Div.    

Mt. Nebo MB Church
3201 W. 2nd Ave.
Pine Bluff, AR  71601
Office: (870)536-6827
Cell: (870)329-5667
     We’re thankful to God to be able now to utilize this modern technology as a means to further enhance the ministries our District Association. All of our ministries are as they were from the beginning, focused on the work as our Lord Jesus indicated in the great commission. It is mandated that whatever is published reflect a faithfulness to the mandates given by God in Holy Scripture. 
     Our efforts comply with past efforts to focus on the great commission as stated in Matthew 28:18-20. All auxiliaries, as arms of this great historical body are expected to reflect a faithful adherence to God’s  design in all aspects of our efforts to give honor, glory, and praise to our faithful God and Father of us all. 
     Everything reflected in this web site is to be in concurrence with the teachings of our fundamental beliefs and maintained throughout our association.  
     The web masters will strive to ensure with consultation that this web site reflect what we believe. It will thereby serve as an effective medium for ministries. Thanks be to God for this additional resource. May it be used for His glory. It is in that spirit that it goes forth.
L. C. Battles D.Div
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