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Constitution and By-Laws



WHEREAS, it was the consent of a group of Baptist churches of several counties in the state of Arkansas, charged with zeal for missions and education to form the Consolidated Saint Marion Baptist District Association  (CSMBDA, Association, or District shall be used interchangeably  throughout this document). The Association unites and agrees upon certain Biblical principles and Baptist beliefs and practices. Its government and operation shall be presented in this document and subject to amendment as needed.
The name of this organization shall be the Consolidated Saint Marion Baptist District Association.
SECTION 1. Mission
The mission of this Association is to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus
Christ through preaching, teaching, and reaching.
SECTION 2. Purposes
Purposes—the Consolidated Saint Marion Baptist District Association was
formed to unite district Baptist churches so as to fulfill the great Commission of
our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through teaching, preaching, and reaching. To
encourage and support Christian Education and promote home and foreign
mission efforts. To provide direction and training in Christian education for
member churches in order to further the Association’s mission. To govern
district policy.
SECTION 1. Membership
Membership shall be effective upon payment of the representation fee
prescribed by the Executive Committee and approved by the body. The
Executive Committee shall make recommendations regarding the fee assessed
for membership as it deems a change in those fees necessary and proper. The
Executive Committee, with approval from the body, is empowered to enact by
recommendations and other assessments as it deems necessary to support the
Association’s programs and ministries.
SECTION 2: Church Membership Procedure
Any church desiring membership in this Association shall petition by letter
from the church to the District Moderator and the General Secretary which
will be reviewed by the Credentials Committee.
Section 3. Meetings
The annual session of the Association shall convene at a place designated by
the Moderator or his committee Monday through Thursday following the
third Lord’s Day in August with the Young people commencing on the
Saturday before the third Lord’s Day. The meeting shall officially open on
the third Sunday evening of that week and shall end at the close of the
Thursday evening meeting.
SECTION 1. Officers
The officers of this Association shall be as follows:
A. Moderator
B. Vice-moderator-at-Large
C. 1st Vice Moderator
D. 2nd Vice Moderator
E. 3rd Vice Moderator
F. Treasurer
G. Assistant Treasurer
H. General Secretary
I. Assistant Secretary
J. Parliamentarian
K. Congress President
L. Congress Dean
M. Women’s Auxiliary President
N. Young People’s Director
O. Laymen’s President
P. Any other officer the Association deems necessary
All officers, elected or appointed, must be a member of a Baptist Church that
is in good standing with the Association.
SECTION 1. Moderator
The moderator presides over all Association business meetings using
Roberts Rules of Order with the goal of maintaining the fellowship of the
A. Maintain the fellowship during business sessions.
B. Conduct orderly Association business. Work with the Association’s
Executive Committee and other key leaders (officers) to develop an
agenda for the business meeting.
C. Execute Association’s business in a timely manner.
D. Clarify Association’s business for later action.
E. Keep on course with the business meeting agenda.
F. Give an annual report of his stewardship during the Association’s
annual session.
G. Shall receive for his services a love offering at the annual session, funds to
attend and represent the Association by his appearance or his designee
when said funds are available.
H. Appoint other committees as he deems necessary.
SECTION 2. Qualification of the Moderator
The individual elected to serve as Moderator shall meet at minimum the following:
A. He shall be a born again believer in Jesus Christ.
B. He shall not be a novice in Christian Ministry.
C. He shall be a member in good standing with a member church in good
standing of the Association.
D. He shall be a pastor or have five (5) years or more of pastoral
E. He shall be a proven strong supporter of Christian Education.
F. He shall be able to support the work of the CSMBDA financially.
G. He shall have proven training in Pastoral Ministry and Christian
SECTION 3. Vice Moderator-at-large
The Vice Moderator-at-large presides in the absence of the Moderator and shall
succeed to the office of Moderator in the event of the death, incapacity, retirement,
resignation or removal from office the person serving as Moderator. Receives all
reports from Vice Moderators. Presides at the Annual session.
SECTION 4. First Vice Moderator
The First Vice Moderator is assigned to the Women’s Auxiliary as a consultant.
Presides at the January Board Meeting, shall perform other such duties as directed
by the Moderator, presides in the absence of the Moderator and Vice Moderator-at
-large, and shall succeed to the office of Moderator in the event of death,
incapacity, retirement, resignation, or removal of Moderator and Vice Moderator-
SECTION 5: Second Vice Moderator
The Second Vice Moderator is assigned to the Laymen’s Auxiliary in a consultant’s
role. Presides at the April Board Meeting and other duties as assigned by the
Moderator. He shall preside in the absence of the Moderator, Vice Moderator-at-
large, First Vice Moderator or as appointed by the Moderator.
Section 6: Third Vice Moderator
The Third Vice Moderator is Assigned to the Young People’s Auxiliary in a
consultant role. Presides at the October Board and other duties as assigned by the
Moderator. He shall preside at all meetings of the Association in the absence of the
Moderator, Vice Moderator-at-large, First and Second Vice Moderator or
appointed by the moderator.
SECTION 7. General Secretary
The General Secretary shall keep records of all business proceedings of the
Association and the Executive Committee, maintain a register of member-
ship, take care of correspondence as authorized by the Moderator, record
minutes of all business meetings, and serve in any other secretarial capacity
when authorized by the Moderator.
SECTION 8. Assistant Secretary
The assistant secretary shall serve as assistant to the General Secretary and
perform such duties as directed by the General Secretary.
SECTION 9. General Treasurer
The treasurer/finance committee chairperson shall receive and deposit all
monies of the Association, issue receipts when necessary, pay all obligations
regularly as directed by the Moderator and present a quarterly and annual
report regarding the receipts and disbursements. All monies paid out shall
be by check and signed by the treasurer, and Vice Moderator-at-large or au-
thorized signatories. The treasurer’s books shall be open at any designated
time for inspection by any member church of the Association per written re-
quest to the Executive Committee. All funds requested by Auxiliaries shall
be accompanied by a requisition form. This form must be filled out by the
Auxiliary leader on behalf of the requesting auxiliary. No allocation of funds
will be granted without the Requisition form. Request for funds must be sub-
mitted to the General Treasurer no later than one month in advance of the
need when possible. The General Treasurer is the chairperson for the finance
SECTION 10: Assistant Treasurer
The Assistant Treasurer performs duties as the General Treasurer in the Gen-
eral Treasurer’s absence.
SECTION 11. Parliamentarian
The parliamentarian shall advise and assist the Moderator regarding Associ-
ation policy, procedure, and such matters as the Moderator may direct. Shall
provide each Auxiliary and department leader with a simple outline for con-
ducting meetings. Shall develop and implement a class for district auxiliary
Parliamentarians to be held once a year.
SECTION 12: Congress President
The Congress President unifies, supervises, and promotes all educational in-
terests of the Association.
SECTION 13. Congress Dean
The Dean develops a comprehensive, unified Christian Education program
that is consistent with the mission and objectives of the Baptist denomina-
tion. Responsible for making sure that all schools are certified through the
Sunday School Publishing Board in a timely manner. Assures that all Con-
gress teachers are from churches in good standing in the district.
SECTION 14. Women’s Auxiliary President
The Women’s Auxiliary President helps women grow in their knowledge
of scripture and become better equipped to use their spiritual gifts in king-
dom building. Promotes the gospel of Jesus Christ, supports missionary
work, Christian education, and helps in the enlistment of young people in
Christian work in the district churches.
SECTION 15. Laymen’s President
The Laymen’s President serves as a primary promoter of teaching and in-
formational outlet for men in areas relating to Christ-centered living, social
and community activism and dedication to his local church family.
SECTION 16. Young People’s Director
The Young People’s Director develops and trains young people to effective-
ly lead in church ministry and equip them with the necessary tools needed
to meet the challenges facing their generation.
Section 17: Auxiliaries Queries
When questions or concerns arise each auxiliary leader will follow their
established chain of command.
Any pastor wishing to seek the office of Moderator shall make it known in
writing to both the Moderator and the secretary on or before January 15th
of the election year.
No pastor shall be elected Moderator whose church is not in good standing
with the Association. In all instances, a member church must have repre-
sented with the Association four (4) of the past five (5) years prior to the
election in order for the members to cast votes during the election of a
Moderator. Must have represented three out of four times each year.
A church shall be entitled to one (1) vote for each year of representation not
to exceed five (5) votes. The person casting the vote for the church is left to
the discretion of the individual church.
SECTION 4: Casting of Votes
Casting of votes shall be by voice, show of hands, standing, electronic means or
paper ballot. Voting for Moderator shall be by secret ballot.
SECTION 5. Ratification of Other Officers other than Moderator
Upon election, the Moderator-Elect shall appoint all other officers for
consideration and confirmation by the Association as a whole. No person shall
be appointed by the Moderator or otherwise serve in any office who is not a
member in good standing with an active church of the Association.
SECTION 6. Tenure of Moderator
Each Moderator shall be elected for a five-year term, and shall not be eligible to
serve more than two (2) consecutive terms in the same office. After being out of
office for one term, he may seek and be eligible for re-election to that office. No
other office has term limits.
SECTION 1. The Executive Committee
The Executive Committee shall consist of all officers listed in Article IV, Section
1 except the Parliamentarian. The Executive Committee shall in the absence of
the Association manage all business for the Association in emergency/non-
emergency situations.
SECTTION 2. Quorum
A quorum shall constitute those members present at the Executive Committee
for purposes of transacting business. Meetings shall be conducted according to
Roberts Rule of Order.
ECTION 3. Executive Committee Meetings
The Executive Committee shall meet three (3) times per year; January, April,
and October or call meetings by the Moderator.
During the August annual Association, the Executive Committee shall adopt a
line item budget of operation for all departments of the district projecting
income and expenditures of each department.
The Association shall operate on an annual line item budget.
Each member church will be required to pay a representation fee of $167.00,
$125.00, or $75.00 per quarter. This amount will remain in effect until such time
the Executive Committee makes an adjustment that is ratified by the body.
All monies collected shall be used for Christian education, Christian
mission, and Christian benevolence after deducting a designated budgeted
amount for operating expenses except for love offerings.
Expenses incurred by the Association shall be paid from funds raised by
the Association. If a deficit occurs, the remainder of the deficit shall be paid
out of the general funds maintained by the Association. Prudence and
sound judgment shall be taken to ensure the association’s continued
support of Arkansas Baptist College, Consolidated Missionary Baptist State
Convention of Arkansas, and the National Baptist Convention U.S.A., Inc.,
Home and Foreign Missions.
Each Auxiliary of this Association shall submit to the Executive
Committee annual budget planning meeting a detailed statement of its
source of income, and a line item budget of proposed expenditures for the
ensuing year. When received and adopted by the Association, these
budgets shall become the basis for the operation for the ensuing
Association year. At the end of the Association’s year, a date, time, and
location of the Executive Planning Committee will be announced. Each
Auxiliary must present a report in the April meeting for inclusion in the
August’s General Session.
It shall be the duty of all auxiliaries to provide the Moderator with a
program for approval prior to the program being submitted to the press.
The Moderator’s signature shall attest to this approval.
The Auxiliaries of this association shall be: Congress of Christian
Education, Home and Foreign Missions, Women’s and Laymen’s
Department, Young People’s Department, Public Relations, Ushers, and
Health Ministry. Other Auxiliaries and Departments may be added as
necessary by the Moderator and ratified by the Association.
SECTION 4. Officers of Each Auxiliary
A. Officers of Congress of Christian Education shall be
1. President
2. First Vice President
3.. Second Vice President
4. Secretary
5. Dean
6. Assistant Dean
B. Officers of the Women’s Auxiliary shall be:
1. President
2. First Vice President
3. Second Vice President
4. Secretary
5. Assistant Secretary
6. Treasurer
7. Chaplain
8. Parliamentarian
C. Officers of the Young People’s Auxiliary shall be:
1. Young People’s Director
2. President
3. Vice President
4. Secretary
5. Assistant Secretary
6. Treasurer
7. Assistant Treasurer
8. Chaplain
9. Parliamentarian
D. Officers of the Laymen’s Auxiliary shall be:
1. President
2. Vice President
3. Secretary
4. Assistant Secretary
5. Treasurer
6. Chaplain
7. Parliamentarian
E. Officers of the Ushers’ Auxiliary shall be:
1. President
2. Vice President
3. Secretary
4. Assistant Secretary
5. Treasurer
6. Chaplain
7. Parliamentarian
SECTION 5. Webmaster/Webmistress
The Webmaster/Webmistress shall be appointed by the Moderator to develop
and maintain a webpage.
A. The Webmaster/Webmistress shall maintain and keep the website
B. Any church in good regular standing may post information.
C. Any auxiliary or department of the district association may post
D. All postings must be approved by t he Webmaster/Webmistress.
SECTION 6. Public Relations Director
The Public Relations Director shall be appointed by the Moderator. Duties
A. Post on social media all public events of the association, auxiliaries,
and departments.
B. Send to local newspapers press releases regarding all public events
of the association, auxiliaries, and departments.
C. The association leaders will notify the Public Relations Director in a
timely manner of their desire to post or publish events.
D. The Public Relations Director will determine the appropriateness of
each article that is to be placed on social media, local newspaper,
and the district’s website
E. The Public Relations Director shall work with the Moderator and all
district auxiliaries and department leaders to ascertain that press re-
leases (public information) are forwarded to appropriate media
sources in a timely manner for publication.
SECTION 7: Authority
All auxiliary bodies of this association, and those created hereafter shall
function in accordance with the established protocol as stipulated by the
Constitution. They shall report annually to the parent body. All funds not
otherwise designated and approved by the Association, shall be turned
over to the General Treasurer/Finance Chair.
SECTION 8. District Association Queen Contest
The Women’s Auxiliary may sponsor a District Association annual Queen
Contest to raise funds for Arkansas Baptist College. Each contestant shall
be a member in good standing of a church in good standing in the district
association. Each contestant shall raise her own funds. The contestant who
raises the most funds shall be named Queen of the Consolidated Saint Mar-
ion Baptist District Association. All funds, less expenses, must be turned in
to the General Treasurer to be submitted to Arkansas Baptist College. The
winner will represent the district at the Lillie A. Haynes Banquet during the
state convention in November.
SECTION 9. Annual Consolidated Saint Marion Eva M. Dickerson Banquet
The Women’s Auxiliary may promote and sponsor an annual Spring Ban-
quet. The funds shall be allocated to a cause to be determined by the Wom-
en’s Auxiliary. Tickets may be sold for this event. After expenses, all re-
maining funds shall be reported to the General Treasurer.
According to the objectives as set forth in this constitution, the Association shall give ad-
vice to the churches upon request. Where difficulties arise and fellowship is broken, this
Association shall endeavor to restore peace and order upon request, and shall give guid-
ance to any church that may be regarded by this Association as unsound doctrinally or in
At the request of a member church, the District Moderator shall convene a
seven member ordaining council. This council shall have the responsibility
of passing or rejecting the ordination of the candidate.
Notice shall be given by the church requesting to ordain said minister within
thirty (30) days of anticipated ordination. The Moderator shall convene said
council within one (1) week of notice being rendered. The Applicant shall be
notified that said council is so convened, and the date of formal ordination/
examination shall be established. The applicant will be examined by the
council before the date of ordination.
If the applicant satisfies the requirement, then the ordination certificate, duly
signed by the Moderator and the council, shall be formally presented at the
ordination service.
If said applicant is found unqualified, a course of study shall be provided by
the Congress of Christian Education of the Association for the applicant to
study and the re-examination date rescheduled within ninety (90) days.
Any written complaint(s) levied against an officer or member of the Execu-
tive Committee of the Association shall be heard within thirty (30) days after
notification to the respondent in writing by a body consisting of the Modera-
tor and a quorum of the Executive Committee. If after a hearing of this offi-
cial body the member is found guilty, the committee shall govern by Mat-
thew 18:15-21 and render its determination to the offender in writing within
ten (10) days after such official hearing, and such member shall be divested
of all present duties within the Association. If the member is found not guilty
he/she shall continue in office.
SECTION 1. Qualifications
A District Missionary shall be at the time of his appointment, a licensed and
ordained minister whose church is in good standing with the Consolidated
Saint Marion Baptist District Association. He must be a born again believer in
Jesus Christ. He shall be appointed by the Moderator and approved by the
CSMBDA. The District Missionary shall serve for an indefinite period of time
providing his services rise to and maintain the standards and qualifications set forth
by the CSMBDA Constitution. Circumstances under which he may be removed are
but not limited to: moving outside the district association’s boundaries, engage in
immoral turpitude, or become physically or mentally incapacitated to where he can
no longer serve. He or his designee shall notify the Moderator of his circumstances
as soon as possible.
SECTION 2. Duties
A. The District Missionary’s prime role is to use every opportunity available to
serve as a “witness” for Christ.
B. He makes missionary visits to his assigned churches two (2) times per year.
C. He will make initial contact with the pastor of each of his assigned churches to
seek an opportunity from the pastor to visit his assigned churches.
D. Give the pastor a card with the missionary’s identifying information upon ar-
E. During the visit the District Missionary will share information about the dis-
trict association. Thank the pastor for the opportunity to come and speak to
the congregation. The missionary shall state the name of the association, name
of the Moderator, mission statement, upcoming events, various auxiliaries and
departments. He shall keep his presentation limited to fifteen (15) minutes or
F. Give the pastor any printed material he may have in his possession concerning
the association. The District Missionary may be asked to provide training to
churches in his assigned area and to teach common beliefs and practices held
by the Baptist church. The goal is to ensure that the missionary’s work and
training efforts continue after the missionary has left.
G. The District Missionary’s responsibilities shall cease if he is called to pastor a
church during his tenure.
SECTION 3. Reporting
The District Missionary shall submit a written report of his visits to the Third
Vice Moderator who is assigned to shepherd the District Missionaries. Said
reports will be due using the designated form within two (2) weeks of his vis-
its. The Third Vice Moderator will submit all copies of these reports to the
General Secretary on a quarterly basis. The General Secretary will maintain
copies of these reports in the district’s association office. The Third Vice Mod-
erator shall maintain oversight of these efforts.
SECTION 4. Compensation
The District Missionaries shall be compensated at an amount set forth by the
Executive Committee.
This Association shall convene in board meetings, annual sessions and/or special sessions as
set forth in the Constitution. The Association shall convene in August, at a time to be set by
the Executive Committee and ratified by the parent body.
This Constitution supersedes all other constitutions, amendments, by-laws, memorandums
of understanding, and shall be enforced upon adoption. This Constitution may be amended
at any regular meeting of the Association by a two-thirds majority vote of the delegates pre-
sent and qualified. A written notice of the proposed amendment with a written statement ex-
plaining the rationale for the proposed amendment should be on file with the General Secre-
tary on or before the first day of the meeting of the Association. A copy shall be submitted to
the Moderator and Executive Committee. The Moderator and the Executive Committee shall
determine whether the proposed amendment shall be presented to the Association.
Each adopted amendment to this Constitution shall take effect upon adoption and have effect
from the time of adoption forward.
The Constitution Committee and the Credentials Committee shall be one and the same with
the Credential Committee having responsibility along with the Moderator in determining
eligibility of any church seeking membership in the Association. The foregoing Constitution and By-Laws of the Consolidated Saint Marion Baptist District Association have been recommended for approval 
by the Constitution Committee on October 22, 2017_,
and have been duly adopted by the Membership of the Association on October 22, 2017.
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